#1 – An Introduction to Vedic Living



Join me and Aparna Khanolkar as we discuss ways to live a vedic lifestyle from the perspective of  Ayurveda and the Vedic tradition of  Spirituality. Each episode will present insights into the foundations of healthy blissful living as found in the vedic literature. Aparna will present practical Ayurvedic suggestions that are easily and quickly implemented.  I will present the vedic perspective on spirituality and each episode will include a vedic mantra and instructions on its use.

In this episode Aparna presents the fundamental concept of the three Ayurvedic dosas; kapha, pitta, and vata.  She explains how they  need to be properly balanced in order to live a life free from disease, and gives specific suggestions on how to accomplish this.

I present the concept of mantra japa and suggest that a daily routine of reciting the following Ganesha mantra results in a more balanced subtle nervous system.


Aparna’s Simple Ways of Balancing the Doshas

Everyone can benefit from a daily meditation practice. Whatever form you choose, do practice each day and will experience the benefits of your practice.

Vata imbalances can be corrected by using warm sesame oil for self-massage. If you can’t massage the whole body, at least apply warm oil on the feet and scalp. Maintaining a regular routine in terms of eating, sleeping and other activities will also help you feel grounded and stable.

Pitta imbalances can be quickly corrected by spending time in nature, and doing less. Because pitta people are goal-oriented, they can benefit from going from a swim or simply enjoying some hours of rest. Drinking rose lassi or using sandalwood or rose oil for aromatherapy is also essential for cooling the heat of pitta.

Kaphas can benefit from a brisk walk or a yoga class. Because a kpaha imbalance can lead to rapid weight gain, eating less and being more active can being kapha back to balance. Using fresh ginger in your meals and avoiding sweets will also help balance kapha.

Be mindful when you feel the symptoms of over-activity, stressor lethargy. Slow down and remember to maintain your connection to the divine. This will give meaning to everything you do.

Ayurveda states that what we do each and every day for our health and well-being is more important than taking some herbs or medicines once in a while. So, pay attention to yourself when you feel overwhelmed, irritated or unmotivated and use these simple tools to bring your body/mind back to balance.

Aparna Khanolkar is an Ayurvedic lifestyle and culinary coach in Santa Barbara. She also travels to the LA region to coach and to teach workshops. She teaches Vedic cooking classes in Santa Barbara and is available for phone consults.
Contact her at 805-698-5630 or aparna@themistressofspice.com