#15 – The New Year



Anne Beversdorf presents her thoughts on the new year by taking a look at the chart for the US and considers how the dasa (planetary period) gives an indication of what we can expect over the next few years.  She also introduces the concept of the “yogi” (wealth giver) and “avayogi” (wealth remover) in the chart and shows how they reflect the current fiscal crisis.

Jyotish is the study of cycles which are seen (for example) through the use of the 120 year Vimsottari dasa.  Using this tool Anne presents a fascinating look at what was happening in the US at the same dasa period…but 120 years ago.  The results are very intriguing!

Anne practices Jyotish full-time in Austin, Texas.  Her website is www.stariel.com and she can be reached via email at anne@stariel.com.