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  • The shower’s around back….

    The shower’s around back….

    I was looking through my collection of old India photos from previous trips. This was from about 4-5 years ago when we were driving from Madras, north through Andhra Pradesh on our way to Simhachalam. In Simhachalam there is a wonderful Narasimha temple where the main deity is kept encased in Sandalwood for all but […]

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  • Ganesha going to the US

    Ganesha going to the US

    In 2002 I made a trip to Tamil Nadu, India with my good friend Narasimha.  We stopped, as we usually do, at the government supported traditional crafts shop in Swamimalai so that we could buy some murtis to take back to the US.  In particular a couple of friends had asked me to buy them […]

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  • Suryanarayana temple history

    Suryanarayana temple history

    During my last visit to the Suryanarayana temple, I brought back with me a small booklet with the history of the temple and the story of the gods who are worshipped there. This particular temple is unique in that it is devoted entirely to the navagraha.  Typically the navagraha are secondary deities, with Shiva being […]

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  • Suryanarayana temple

    Suryanarayana temple

    Suryanarayana kovil is the starting point for our annual Navagraha temple yagya series in the Kumbakonam region of southern Tamil Nadu. The surrounding area is lush and devoted primarily to agriculture, and more specifically to growing rice.  Beautiful green rice paddys are everywhere. I have been to this temple many times and it seems that […]

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  • Kumbakonam Navagraha yagyas starting

    Kumbakonam Navagraha yagyas starting

    The January yagya series that takes place in Kumbakonam each year is beginning on Sunday.  First there will be two days of really big navagraha yagyas held in one of the patasalas there.  As a part of the preparation for the yagya a large yantra is made.  First colored cloth is laid down and then […]

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  • Rama’s bridge to Sri Lanka

    Rama’s bridge to Sri Lanka

    When I was working on yesterday’s post, I thought it was very interesting to zoom in on the area between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. It was here that Rama with help from all the animals built a bridge to Sri Lanka so he could get himself and all his army across. Sri Lanka is on […]

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  • Tiruchendur, temple on the shore

    Tiruchendur, temple on the shore

    One last note of interest about Tiruchendur. It is located, as you can see, right on the ocean. The reason is that here, on this beach, Shiva’s son Subramanyam defeated a demon who interestingly enough started off the attack by taking the form of a mango tree! Probably a good strategy for strength, but a […]

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