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  • Offering


    “Desiring success, the sacrifice to the Gods with ritual actions, for from such actions success comes quickly in the world of men. Liberation achieved, attachments gone, with a mind fixed on knowledge, man’s whole action becomes a sacrifice, his deeds melt away entirely away.” … “Whoever offers to me with devotion and purity of heart […]

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  • Vastra danam

    Vastra danam

    In the vedas it says many times, that a part of every yagya is honoring brahmin priests through gifts (dakshina) of food, cloth and in this case a silver cup for the puja set. It is a way of honoring and preserving the vedic tradition, and besides all the priests have families and have to […]

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  • Agni – Rig Veda

    Agni – Rig Veda

    “If we have sinned, awake, asleep, knowing, unknowing, or through evil nature, may Agni banish far from us all such hateful wicked deeds!” -Rig Veda “Open yourself, create free space; release the bound one from his bonds! Like a newborn child, free from the womb, be free to move on every path!” -Atharva Veda

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  • True Yoga

    True Yoga

    “Having laid hold on Reality he avers it a matchless prize. Established therein, he is unmoved even by direst sorrow. Let that be known as true yoga.” -Bhagavad Gita

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  • Abishekam


    When one thinks of a vedic ritual, it is usually the fire yagya called homam, but there is another class of yagyas called abishekam where the offerings are mostly liquid and are poured over the murti…in this case the Shiva lingam. This is at the beginning of the abishekam when just a little water has […]

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  • Finding peace

    Finding peace

    From the Bhagavad Gita: “A man of faith, absorbed in faith, his senses controlled, attains knowledge, and, knowledge attained, quickly finds peace.”

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  • Night


    There is a great hymn from the Atharva Veda on the night (Ratri): “Oh Night, for our safety, make the snake blind, scorch him, behead him! Gouge out the eyes of the wolf and entrap the thief in a snare! … As a millet seed, blown by the wind is scattered beyond finding, so blow […]

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  • Yagya beginning

    Yagya beginning

    From the Rig Veda: Ready for the kindling of the sacred fire, we sing for you our verses, hoping to invoke your powerful grace. In your praise, Oh Lord, who reaches the highest heaven, we compose our song, eager to obtain the divine treasure of your grace.

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  • Nandi, Shiva’s Bull

    Nandi, Shiva’s Bull

    Shiva rides on a bull by the name of Nandi and every Shiva temple has a Nandi which sits accross from Shiva always looking in his direction.  I’ve produced a podcast (#37) with stories of Nandi, some of which are quite amusing. My favorite is once Parvati got really mad at Shiva for calling her […]

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  • The Last Mantra

    The Last Mantra

    The last of the 10,000 verses of the Rig Veda is: samani va akutih samana hrdayani vah samanam astu vo mano yatah vah susahasati “United be your resolve, united be your hearts, may your spirits be as one, that you may long together dwell in unity and accord!”

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