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  • This is That

    This is That

    “When he knows the atman – the Self, the inner life, who enjoys like a bee the sweetness of the flowers of the senses, the Lord of what was and of what will be  – then he goes beyond fear. This, in truth, is That.” -Yajur Veda

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  • Rudra abishekam

    Rudra abishekam

    This image is from a recent Rudra Abishekam where the pujas offerins are primarily liquid and are poured over the Shiva lingam. I like the big trisul (trident) painted on the wall. Shiva’s trisul represents a variety of 3’s in the vedic tradition; the past, present, and future, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, the three gunas […]

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  • Facing South

    Facing South

    This is the temple for Dakshinamurti as mentioned in yesterday’s post. It is part of a patasala where young Brahmin boys go for their training as young as 10 years old! They live communally and during our visit seemed to be genuinely happy in spirit of what might be considered to be fairly austere conditions. […]

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  • Dakshinamurti


    Dakshinamurti is the form of Shiva who is the prototypical guru.  It is Dakshinamurti who first reveals the knowledge of Brahman to the ancient rishis.  For Guru Poornima each year we have a special puja for this Dakshinamurti who is in a small temple outside Kanchipuram.  You can see the  abishekam in a video on […]

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  • Consciousness


    “Wave, foam, bubble – all these are nothing but water in reality. So this body and all are nothing but consciousness – the one pure consciousness.” Sri Shankaracharya in Vivekacudamani

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  • He’ll grind ’till…

    He’ll grind ’till…

    More from Basavana… “He’ll grind till you’re fine and small. He’ll file until your color shows. If your grain grows fine in the grinding, if you show color in the filing, then our lord of the meeting rivers will love you and look after you.”

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  • Basavanna the poet

    Basavanna the poet

    Basavanna was a poet in India who lived in the 1100’s and was deeply devoted to Shiva. He wrote beautifully about the frustrations of a devotee struggling for spiritual acomplishment, and joy of discovery. His wry observations contain much humor and insight. He lived near the confluence of three rivers in Kappadisangama and refers to […]

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  • The yogi is superior

    The yogi is superior

    “The yogi is superior to the ascetics. The yogi is superior to the Vedic scholars. The yogi is superior to the ritualists. Therefore, Oh Arjuna, be a yogi” -Krishna to Arjuna Bhagavad Gita (6, 45)

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  • The candidate and the pundit

    The candidate and the pundit

    Narasimha Bhattar, on the right, is the chief Priest at the Malibu Hindu Temple, my friend, and the person who inspired the creation of Recently some members of the Indian community held a fund raising breakfast for Hillary Clinton and Narasimha and the other priests from the temple were invited to chant some vedic […]

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  • Light


    The illumined Seer, the leader of men, the magic craftsman, the sage who burns intense with seer-wisdom. He found that which was most hidden, the secret and mysterious nature of the light. -Rig Veda IX.87.2-3

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