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  • Floating lamps

    Floating lamps

    Small lamps were lit and then placed into the Ganges to float away in the gentle current supposedly to carry your wishes to the goddess who will fulfill them.  It seems to be a fitting image to post at the end of 2007.  Best wishes for the New Year!   May all your dreams come […]

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  • Offering Milk

    Offering Milk

    Part of the Ganga Yagya involved the offering of milk to the goddess Ganga and so it was poured into the river which is supposed to be flowing through Shiva’s hair as it falls from heaven to earth.  

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  • Ganga Puja

    Ganga Puja

    I think the main thing about this photo is the beautiful way the pundits arranged the yagyawith little ghee lamps, the clay pots full of Ganges water and topped with  coconuts and fresh flower malas.   It is also fun to see in the background there are people going to the Ganges to worship, others to […]

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  • Homa Kund

    Homa Kund

    A homa or homam is the fire yagya.  A kund  is the pit or place that the fire is in.  Here you see a layer of Ganges clay arranged on the ghat and then nicely decorated.  The symbol is common to many cultures but in India it is associated with Vishnu’s weapon called Sudarshana and […]

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  • Supplies


    The standard supplies for a north indian puja.  Starting from the bottom, the strings are yajna pavitra; the sacred thread.  Going clockwise from there (left) we see rice colored red with kumkum powder, then a bowl of kumkum, then a white substance that is very glittery.  Not sure what it is exactly but it is […]

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  • Raja Ghat

    Raja Ghat

    Raja Ghat looked beautiful in the early morning sun.  You can see the priests preparing for the Ganga Yagya and the row of red clay kalasha pots on the steps.  Pretty quickly we were seated and ready to begin.       

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  • Morning on the Ganges

    Morning on the Ganges

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  • The chase is on…

    The chase is on…

    The day after the ancestor yagya we had scheduled a special Ganga yagya which was to take place at the Raja Ghat which was about a mile down the Ganges.  As we were being rowed (no motor boats allowed!) down the river we saw these boy rowing furiously after us.  Our oarsman sped up but […]

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  • Burning ghats

    Burning ghats

    Everybody asks to see a photo of the burning ghats.  The building on the left is used when it is raining and the burning area is on the right.  When we were there there wasn’t much activity though…

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  • Mobbed by the press!

    Mobbed by the press!

    When we got out of the water, and changed into some dry dhotis,  we answered questions for the local newspapers and tv stations.  They all wanted to know why we were in Varanasi and how we learned so much about vedic traditions.  It was very nice to be able to express our appreciation for the […]

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