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  • More mythology of Ganga

    More mythology of Ganga

    It is a long unusual story, but ultimately Ganga is the mother of Subramanyam (also known as Skanda, Kartikeya, etc). She was impregnated by Agni with the “seed” of Shiva.

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  • Chinnamasta


    Chinnamasta, the Goddess who personifies sacrifice, because she cuts off her own head to feed her devotees. Chanting of Chinnamasta mantras and Mahisura Mardini stotram.

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  • The mythology of Ganga

    The mythology of Ganga

    In the Puranas, Ganga is said to emanate from the toe of Vishnu and was brought to earth by the rishi Bhagiratha to purify the ashes of the 60,000 sons on King Sagara all of whom had been burned up by the rishi Kapila. Interestingly, the descent of Ganga disturbed the sage Jahnu as he […]

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  • Bhuvaneshwari


    Bhuvaneshwari, The Goddess of Creation and 4th of the Mahavidhyas. She who creates the five elements; earth, air, fire, water, and space and using them ceates the universe. Chanting of Bhuvaneshwari mantras and Vanistavam for Saraswati.

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  • More Ganga Yagya Photos

    More Ganga Yagya Photos

    There are 11 different form of Rudra; 1. Mahadeva, 2. Shiva , 3. Maha Rudra, 4. Shankara, 5. Neelalohita, 6. Eshana Rudra, 7. Vijaya Rudra, 8. Bheema Rudra, 9. Devadeva,10. Bhavodbhava and 11. Adityatmaka Srirudra. So there are 11 kalasa pots and 11 priests, and Rudram is recited 11 times and then the clay kalasa […]

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  • Tripura Sundari

    Tripura Sundari

    Tripura Sundari, The Goddess of Beauty and 3rd of the Mahavidhyas. Plus a new story about the origin of Ganesha and selections from Lalitha Sahasranam. Chanting of Bala mantras and Lalitha Trishati.

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  • Ganga Yagya

    Ganga Yagya

    In Kanchipuram, we had been performing the MahaRudra yagya for 11 days which, although a lot of fun, is also quite an intense experience. The final day…after the night of Shiva, we had arranged for a special yagya on the banks of the Ganga. Mythologically speaking, Ganga streams through Shiva’s hair and so there is […]

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  • Tara


    Tara, The Wisdom Goddess. The history and mantras of Tara who is the fierce form of Saraswati. the story of Vasistha Rishi and his search for Tara. Chanting of Tara and Saraswati Mantras.

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  • I’m back!

    I’m back!

    After all the travel to India for Shivaratri, it was time for a break from the blog and the podcast. But now I am back and ready to go. I’ve posted new podcast on Gosha, one of the women seers of Rig Veda who cognized some wonderful hymns about the Ashvins; the sons of Surya […]

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  • Kali


    The 10 Forms of the Divine Feminine; Kali, The Universal Mother, the terrifying protectress. Chanting of Kali mantras and Kali Karpura Stotram and Durga Suktam.

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