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  • From the 20 priest Lakshmi yagya

    From the 20 priest Lakshmi yagya

    This month we tried a group private Lakshmi yagya with 20 priests, as seen above. All the participants reported great meditation experiences and one experienced a rather dramatic and largely unexpected influx of money in the days after the event. The facility seen above is on the grounds of a beautiful temple at the Benares […]

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  • The ways of karma…

    The ways of karma…

    Over the past few days I have engaged in an email conversation with an individual who has been listening to the podcasts for the past two years.  He related a story about him and his son which I want to paraphrase here because it is a wonderful example of what Krishna says in the Bhagavad […]

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  • Divine protection

    Divine protection

    Yagyas are wonderfully mystical events that do not readily lend themselves to the sorts of scientific logic and analysis that we usually live with in our modern age. I mean, just try and come up with a scientific explanation for mantras and you’ll see what I mean. Yet we all know that they work and […]

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  • Bells in India

    Bells in India

    This is one of those images that makes me realize that throughout India, I have very rarely seen bells at the temples. This bell is from a goddess temple in Varanasi and is very elaborate and, I would guess, fairly new. Pujas and yagyas always include bell ringing, but they are small hand held bells, […]

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  • Ferrari in India

    Ferrari in India

    Right now, there are two 12 cylinder Ferraris (seen above) making a complete lap around India starting in Delhi going to Kolkata, all the way down south, then up to Mumbai and back to Delhi. Check out the map below. In the announcement they mentioned that they increased the ride height and added a lot […]

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  • Young priests on Shivaratri

    Young priests on Shivaratri

    On Shivaratri night, we went to the country side temple for until about 12:30 AM for abishekams and to feed the local village a great meal. On the way back in to Kanchipuram we stopped at a series of neighborhood temples which were fantastic! Each one had a different story and each was special in […]

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  • More on Rahu and Ketu

    More on Rahu and Ketu

    This is the Rahu/Ketu area in the temple in Kanchipuram. When you see it close up (as below) you’ll notice that there are all sorts of strings draped around the tree as well as little beds made of wood. There is a cultural recognition that having children is a very karmic thing and that in […]

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  • Rahu and Ketu Yagyas

    Rahu and Ketu Yagyas

    As you probably know, we sponsored a number of different Rahu and Ketu yagyas this month and this image is from the temple in Kanchipuram where the first ones took place. Snakes, not being a part of our usual western experience, make this seem very exotic and unusual. Look closely and see how elegantly the […]

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  • Churning the Ocean of Milk

    Churning the Ocean of Milk

    I was corresponding with someone this week about how it is possible to practice meditation for many years and to sponsor yagyas and still feel like the outer world just never gets “fixed”. Certainly if you read the whole of the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, no one’s life every seemed to get fully “fixed“. Certainly […]

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  • From the Rahu/Ketu Yagya

    From the Rahu/Ketu Yagya

    This image is from the yagya that was performed in Kanchipuram a few weeks ago and it shows just a few of the many murtis that are present under the pipal tree on the temple grounds. Our priests cleaned and decorated each of the more than 300 murtis and the effect was incredible. Oddly enough, […]

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