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  • Be our protection….

    Be our protection….

    “He is the great showerer of prosperity side by side functioning with others who also shower wealth. The sovereign lord of earth and heaven, the sender of water and helper in all conflicts. May this resplendent Lord, the source of all, be our protection.” — Rig Veda

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  • Navagraha Puja

    Navagraha Puja

    What you see in the image above is a puja table for a Navagraha (nine planet) yagya. Each of the planets has a special place in the mandala, as well as a specific grain and shape. In the center is the Surya, the Sun represented by wheat and to the right of the Sun is […]

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  • The rising Sun…

    The rising Sun…

    “May we continue to be in the grace of the leader of all who is the august sovereign of all beings. Since the very inception, He is taking care of the entire universe. The Leader of All accompanies the rising Sun.” — Rig Veda

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  • Our entire devotion….

    Our entire devotion….

    “May we dedicate our entire devotion to the all knowing Divine One. May he deprive them of wealth who are hostile towards us. May the Lord carry us through all troubles as a boat carries men across the river against even the strongest current.” — Rig Veda

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  • The fire divine…

    The fire divine…

    “O adorable One, the fire divine, we the learneds are your devotees and in fact, have become yours. May your light dispel all our sins. The ever conquering beams of splendor of the fire-divine, are spreading in all directions. May your light dispel all our sins. You with your face turned in all directions, are […]

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  • We worship you…

    We worship you…

    “We worship you for good fields, for secure paths, and for riches. May your light dispel our sins.” — Rig Veda

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  • Fed with our fuel…

    Fed with our fuel…

    “Fed with our fuel, O purifying fire, blaze for the sake of food. May the loving, venerable, indivisible, all powerful divine, and the natural forces of the oceans, earth, and heavens grant us our prayers.” — Rig Veda

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  • O divine speech…

    O divine speech…

    “O divine speech, you inspire those who delight in truth. You instruct those who are diligent. Please assist us in our efforts to perform our yagyas!” –Rig Veda

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  • To that devotee…

    To that devotee…

    “To the devotee, who presents offerings, these protecting and immortal heros, gratified by dedication give abundant riches. On him, like loving friends, the divine heros bestow happiness.” -Rig Veda

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  • What is your Gotra?

    What is your Gotra?

    When a person attends a puja or yagya there is a point at which the sponsors of the event are recognized and their names are read.  This is called sankalpam, or the statement of purpose.  In this, a person is known by their name, their gotra, and their nakshatra (vedic constellation). For westerners we can […]

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