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  • Just as a millet seed…

    Just as a millet seed…

    “Just as a millet seed, flying up and blown away, is not traced out. So, O Night (Ratri) may you blow him away, who plans to harm us.” — Atharva Veda

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  • The dawn

    The dawn

    “The dawn drives away the gloom of her sister the night and through her noble birth illumines the pathway as well. Through her, may we win the treasure, beneficial for the enlightened one…may we revel through a hundred winters.” — Atharva Veda

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  • May this our praise…

    May this our praise…

    “May this our praise, O one of light and bliss, be appreciated by you. May it O adorable one, be valued by you, as the means of health and happiness to us. Ma we then obtain depth of life and stability. We offer our devotion to the vast celestial region.” — Atharva Veda

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  • Peace


    “May all the world’s peace giving things, which the seven rishis knew, be peacegiving for me; may there be peace for me; may there be freedom from fear for me.” — Atharva Veda

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  • Rahu


    “Gracious to us be the eclipser of the Moon; and gracious to us be the sun eclipsed by Rahu. Gracious to us be the fatal comet…” — Atharva Veda

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  • The cruel irony…

    The cruel irony…

    A friend of mine sent me the following.   He loves to try and prove that jyotish is a waste of time, which of course it isn’t.  However, I have to admit to seeing his point on this one.

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  • Meenakshi – the Goddess of Madurai – Podcast #74

    Meenakshi – the Goddess of Madurai – Podcast #74

    Meenakshi is the sister of Vishnu (above right) and is married to Shiva (above left).  This podcast tells the story of the founding of the city of Madurai, Meenakshi’s birth from the yagya fire and how she led an army to attack Shiva’s abode on Mount Kailash. Also associated with Madurai, is the dramatic story […]

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  • peacegiving…


    “May heavenbe peacegiving, earth peacegiving, and peacegiving may the middle space between the earth and the heavens be. May peacegiving be the oceans and peacegiving to us be the herbs. May the omens be peacegiving, may all of our actions conscious or not be peacegiving. Peacegiving be the past, the present and the future; may […]

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  • May you grant us riches…

    May you grant us riches…

    “O adorable One, what majesty of yours is there in the enlightened ones in heaven; your form that has entered into the elders; and your nourishment, that sustains men and all living beings, therewith may you grant us riches…”

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  • He that hath sacrificed…

    He that hath sacrificed…

    “He that hath sacrificed hath ascended the piled fire, about to fly up to heaven from the back of the firmament; for him, the well doer, shines forth from the welkin, full of light, the heavenly road, travelled by the gods.” — Atharva Veda

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