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  • When we think of you…

    When we think of you…

    “When we think of you O Lord, may you speedily come in your chariot as if, drawn by long maned and sleek-coated steads, and be seated on the comfortable cushions of our heart.” -Rig Veda

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  • Our praises caress…

    Our praises caress…

    “Our praises caress the mighty lord, the cherisher of the devotional love, as cows lick their calves.” -Rig Veda

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  • Navaratri Durga Mantras – Oct 08

    Navaratri Durga Mantras – Oct 08

    We always sponsor a large scale yagya in Kanchipuram for the nine day festival called Navaratri.  This video presents the 2008 yagya along with selections of the yagya mantras from each of the nine days.

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  • Yagya results – what to expect.

    Yagya results – what to expect.

    The reasons that people do yagyas and the benefits that they experience are widely varied.  Some people have very specific experiences during the day, during meditation, etc.  Others feel a general sense of support and protection.  Some people find that they notice nothing much, although over time it seems that nothing goes wrong!  Or things […]

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  • Ganesha Puja

    Ganesha Puja

    A simple and traditional Ganesha Puja is performed by Seetharama Shastry. As he performs the puja, the Sanskrit text is displayed and a closeup of the hand movements are shown in a video inset. If you’s like to view a copy of the text in pdf format, please click here.

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  • #11 Karma, Part 2

    #11 Karma, Part 2

    Penny Farrow continues her examination of the concept of karma and explains how the concept of karma is beautifully integrated with the various limbs of Jyotisha.  She continues to show how Jyotisha maps karma and shows us our karmic patterns. Penny practices and teaches Jyotisha full-time having been trained primarily under the expert tutelage of […]

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  • Navaratri – Final Day

    Navaratri – Final Day

    At the same time as the Navaratri celebrations are taking place, there is also a concurrent celebration for Vedanta Desika, a famous Vaishnava saint and philosopher who was born and who grew up in Kanchipuram. He has a temple in the big Vishnu temple across the street and each day the small murti is taken […]

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  • Navaratri – Day 8 – Evening

    Navaratri – Day 8 – Evening

    ​ One of the advantages of going back to a place like Kanchipuram over and over is that you get to know the place and develop some real attachments to some of the various temples. This last evening we visited one of my favorites; a Shiva temple where, as the story goes, Vishnu came after […]

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  • Navaratri – Day 8 – Saraswati

    Navaratri – Day 8 – Saraswati

    Tomorrow, day 9 is the big day for Navaratri and already preparations are being made. There are 108 traditional ingredients for the final fire yagya, and they have to be acquired, sorted, and made ready to offer into the yagya fire while Chandi Path is recited for the final time. Interestingly most of the items […]

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  • Navaratri – Day 7 – Durga/Lakshmi

    Navaratri – Day 7 – Durga/Lakshmi

    I am not sure that I have ever seen roses in abundance in India before, but there are vendors selling them in pots to be planted, and the flower vendor brought them today because the lotuses we wanted were unavailable.  So we have very pretty small white and red roses along with some large jasmine. […]

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