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  • Father and son…

    Father and son…

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  • Children…


    In the afternoons the priests return for two hours of vedic recitation.  These two girls are the children of one of the Yajur veda pundits and they often accompany him.  When they get bored, they amuse themselves trying to teach me Tamil.  I can count to 5, but that is about it.  They find me […]

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  • Fire…


    Fire (agni) is the essence of the vedic system.  According to the Vedas, Agni is what links our world with the divine.  In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that through fire we “feed the gods” and so in turn they feed us.  Whether or not it is metaphor or reality, the vedic fire sacrifice […]

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  • Daily Rudra Abishekam

    Daily Rudra Abishekam

    It is an enjoyable part of every day, to listen to Rudram and Chamakam being chanted while milk and sandal paste are poured over the Shiva lingam. The priests alsways chant with a lot of volume so the yagya hall resonates with the sound of the mantras.

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  • Lotus Day…

    Lotus Day…

      It is summer time and that means that the lotus flower is in season.  They really are beautiful in an legenday way and of course Lakshmi is known as Padmavati; she who emerged from a lotus.  So they are the perfect flower for our extended Lakshmi Yagya series.   This is also the season […]

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  • Household guardian…

    Household guardian…

    On the front corner of the house they took great care to install one of Shiva’s assistants as a guardian.  He looks pretty fierce.

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  • House warming

    House warming

    The proper opening of a new home in India is a complex and involved process.  We started at 6:00 AM with Ganehsa pujas to take advantage of a good muhurta.  Only then could we walk through the gate.   Next someone from a couple blocks away brought a female cow and her calf for “go […]

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  • Redefining hot…

    Redefining hot…

    In sanskrit the word for season is masa….right now is called Agni (fire) masa, and for good reason.  With the exception of of the 16th which was a cool 95F, every day has seen midday temps well over 105 and a couple of days we have reached 120 as seen in the photo above.  It […]

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  • Election Day

    Election Day

    The following advertisement was front page in the Decan Chronical, the english newspaper from Chennai. It is interesting to note the platform is based on some positive things; a subsidy for rice (1 kg for about 2 cents), crop loans for farmers, health insurance, and tax cuts on land. Hopefully to avoid some of the […]

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  • The first day – Ganesha Yagya

    The first day – Ganesha Yagya

    This day is special for the performance of a Ganesha Yagya called Sankatahara Chaturthi which takes place on the 4th day after the Full Moon. It was great to be back in the yagya hall, listening to Ganesha mantras being chanted. Tomorrow is the inauguration of the new yagya facility so this is the last […]

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