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  • The Ganesha door

    The Ganesha door

    I am fascinated by the process of carving and sanding the Ganesha front door.  I think that the level of artistry is really amazing.  I think the next step is varnish, which in a way is too bad because the natural teak is such beautiful wood in its natural state.  With the extended rainy season, […]

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  • The upward curve…

    The upward curve…

    From a recent email; <<  I don’t think I can recall ever ‘feeling’ anything during past yagyas.  And my meditation practice has never been flashy.  But when I look at my life, it has been a constant upward curve in all aspects.  The ups, the downs; they all seem to deliver just what I need to progress in […]

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  • Spirituality


    “My experience with this yagya period has been amazing.  My sleep has been so deep every night and filled with intense dreaming all night long or appears to be all night long.  And every night the same thing. My meditations have been deeper and more active too.  Saw a very clear vision of a paragraph of […]

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  • #16 – The North Indian Chart

    #16 – The North Indian Chart

    Penny Farrow discusses the way that the North Indian style of chart reflects the position of the planets in the zodiac. In our conversation we explore the features of this style of chart and how it aids in the interpretation of an individual’s destiny. Penny practices and teaches Jyotisha full-time having been trained primarily under […]

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  • A six month report

    A six month report

    “Ben: My feed back from my recent experiences of a series of Personal Yagyas performed at Varanasi which has been taking place for me in recent months focusing onVenus,Saraswati and Lakshmi is as follows : My experiences have been characterised by surges of physical,spiritual and sexual energy.I have also been delighted to experience the blossoming […]

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  • The Rahu/Ketu tree

    The Rahu/Ketu tree

    One of my favorite temples in Kanchipuram is Kachapaeswara temple which is primarily a Shiva temple.  “Kacchapam” is Sanskrit for “Turtle”.  The story is that in this temple Lord Shiva was worshipped by Lord Vishnu in his Kurma Avatara; the form of a Turtle.  After the purpose of that incarnation was completed, Vishnu wanted to […]

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  • Subtle effects…

    Subtle effects…

    A lot of the time, the effects of the yagyas are simple, subtle, and just a nice positive feeling.  Given time, these effects deepen and frequently become a more profound sense of support and protection.  It is never so much that problems disappear completely, but we are sensitive to the solutions that are present, and […]

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  • The Sage of Kanchi – Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

    The Sage of Kanchi – Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

    The Sage of Kanchi is a wonderful video on Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati who was the 68th Shankaracharya in Kanchipuram from 1894 until his passing in 1994 at the age of 100.  He was profoundly influential and this video captures both the simplicity and power of his presence.  For those of us in the west, the […]

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  • Varadaraja Abishekam

    Varadaraja Abishekam

    The Varadaraja temple, which is located about 1 block from our Kanchipuram yagya facility, is the 2nd largest Vishnu temple in all of India (after Srirangam). It is a magnificent place to visit and feeling inside the temple grounds is very soft and welcoming. This video (found on YouTube) shows the traditional tirumanjanam, or abishekam […]

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  • Kanchipuram Temples

    Kanchipuram Temples

    Over the course of my many visits to Kanchipuram, I have become very fond of the city. It is a fascinating place to visit and it has a rich spiritual and cultural history that is present everywhere you look. These two videos, which I found on YouTube, will give you sense of this delightfully charming […]

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