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  • Durga


    One of the pundits pointed out to me that one of the names of Durga is “Yagya Priya”, meaning she who is pleased by yagya.  Another name is “Yagya Kartri”, meaning she who directs all the acts of yagyas.

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  • Steam Roller

    Steam Roller

    This was taken in Tiruvanamalai, a smaller city at the base of Arunachala Mountain and home of Ramana Maharshi a famous Hindu saint.  When I was a kid in the 50’s this is what a steam roller looked like.  Seeing one for real, working on the streets brought back a ton a childhood memories.  I […]

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  • Guru Paduka Stotram

    Guru Paduka Stotram

    Guru Paduka Stotram by Adi Shankara Shankara was always very devoted to the value of a guru.  Of course in our modern world, it is easy to be rather cynical, but still we can recognize the importance of the principle of “guru”.  No matter what we wish to learn, someone has to teach it.  Knowledge […]

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  • Increase your need…

    Increase your need…

    The mouse-soul is nothing but a nibbler. To the mouse is given a mind proportionate to its need, for without need, the Almighty God doesn’t give anything to anyone. Need, then, is the net for all things that exist: man has tools in proportion to his need. So, quickly, increase your need, needy one, that […]

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  • Shiva!


    One of the things that I really like about the Vedic tradition is the freedom one has to envision the divine in whatever form you want; male (eg. Shiva), female (eg. Parvati), animal (eg. Hanuman), with attributes (eg. Saguna Brahman) or without (eg. Nirguna Brahman). On one hand, the Shiva lingam is a symbol of […]

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  • Long term benefits…

    Long term benefits…

    This experience is very inspiring because it confirms for me that what matters most is sincerity and consistency.  This person has participated in the yagyas for the past few years on a relatively small scale.  She make very little money, but has worked hard to improve her life, all the while doing a yagya here […]

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  • 108 names of the Sun (Surya Shathanamavali)

    108 names of the Sun (Surya Shathanamavali)

    The vedic tradition offers many tools to increase the level of harmony between us and the universe.  One of them is to listen to, or recite the 108 names of a particular deity or planet.  This technique relies on the intimate relationship between name and form (nama rupa) that is present in the Sanskrit language. […]

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  • Eclipse


    This image shows the July 22 eclipse shadow over China/Japan towards the end of the event.  For, we had over 100 members participate in the yagyas and over 1,000 downloads of the Sun mantras.  That’s pretty satisfying.  Thanks to all who participated!

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  • Eclipse Yagyas

    Eclipse Yagyas

    I’ve received a few people describing their experiences during and after the July 21 solar eclipse yagya.  Here are a few excerpts: “I’m not sure what to say really, because the experience was rather subtle and very fill of light.  Usually eclipses are pretty dark for me and I have strange meditations and weird dreams. […]

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  • Sun (Surya) Mantras for the solar eclipse

    Sun (Surya) Mantras for the solar eclipse

    According to the vedic tradition during an eclipse, mantras can be very effective.  But repeating the same mantra over and over for 2+ hours can get a little boring.  So I have made a compilation of Sun Mantras that is 1 hour and 18 minutes in length.  You are welcome to listen on-line or click […]

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