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  • Monkeys!


    When I was staying in the hotel in Kanchipuram, in the afternoons when the heat of the day has passed the monkeys come out and play around. It is endlessly entertaining because they act, well, like monkeys. Pulling tails, fighting, making a lot of noise, etc. I saved fruit for them and then tossed it […]

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  • Brahmanaspati Suktam

    Brahmanaspati Suktam

    The Brahmanaspati Suktam is a collection of 62 hymns from the Rig Veda that are associated with Ganesha and speak about the nature of Brahman.  This was recorded in the Kanchipuram yagya house with two of our Rig Veda pundits.

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  • The Sacrifice of Daksha – Podcast #87

    The Sacrifice of Daksha – Podcast #87

    Daksha was a highly knowledgeable King and a son of Brahma the Creator.  As the story goes, he decided to have a big yagya and invited all the gods and goddesses with the notable exception of Shiva, because Daksha considered him to be wild and unpresentable.  But of course Shiva was married to Daksha’s daughter […]

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  • A dramatic experience…

    A dramatic experience…

    All yagyas dissolve karma and move us steadily towards enlightenment. We don’t even have to know (or agree on) what enlightenment is. Yagyas bring progress in a natural and fundamental way. Participants frequently experience a sense of movement, forward progress based on replacing impurities with purity, darkness with light, the restrictiveness of stress and “ignorance” […]

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  • #20 – Graha Strength and Weakness, Part 2

    #20 – Graha Strength and Weakness, Part 2

    Central to the analysis of a chart is the determination of the relative strength or weakness of a particular planet.  A weak planet will not be able to protect his significations and will therefore become a source of difficulties.  Penny Farrow presents the different types of planetary weakness and shows how this affects the nature […]

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  • #19 – Graha Strength and Weakness, Part 1

    #19 – Graha Strength and Weakness, Part 1

    In this podcast we look at the role that strong planets play in bringing good results and success.  Penny Farrow presents the concept of planetary strength and the different forms that it takes.  She relates the concept of strength to specific astronomical events such as retrograde motion and the brightness of a planet in the […]

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  • Ganesha Sloka Collection

    Ganesha Sloka Collection

    The focus of the August yagya series is Ganesha.  The following file contains almost 2 hours of mantras and slokas for Ganesha.  To download just click “download” to the right of the media player. The file contains: – Ganapati Suprabhatam – Ganapati Gayatri – Ganesha Dhyanam – Ganapati Kavacham – Ganesha Upanishad – Ganapati Pratasmaranam […]

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  • Family yagya

    Family yagya

    “More feedback for you…out of the blue last week my sister, who has not spoken to me for 5 yrs, invited me to her daughter’s Nov. wedding…I accepted and asked her to meet with me as I’l be in B. week.  She agreed…there are many ‘currents’ permeating Life permanently…the yagya service which I requested for improving family relations […]

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  • Ganapati Upanishad

    Ganapati Upanishad

    Ganapati Upanishad Om ! O Devas, may we hear with our ears what is auspicious; May we see with our eyes what is auspicious, O ye worthy of worship ! May we enjoy the term of life allotted by the Devas, Praising them with our body and limbs steady ! May the glorious Indra bless […]

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  • Kanchipuram Temples

    Kanchipuram Temples

    There was one night when we were driving around going to temples and we stopped at this Vishnu temple that I had never seen before.  Because it was dusk, the lights looked warm and inviting.  It is amazing how many temples like this there are in Kanchipuram.  Not major attractions, more like a neighborhood temple, […]

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