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  • #4 – Vata Dosha

    #4 – Vata Dosha

    Vata Dosha: Vata is the Queen of the three doshas (Vata, Pita, and Kapha) because she is main vehicle of transportation of energies. Vata is the manifestation of air and space (of the 5 elements) and is responsible for a wide variety of physiological functions that involve movement. Symptoms of Vata imbalance: Constipation, insomnia, varying […]

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  • #3 – Dinacharya; the value of routine

    #3 – Dinacharya; the value of routine

    Dinacharya – Ayurvedic Prescriptions for Daily Routine “Dina” means day and “acharya” to follow or be close to. Dinacharya is a simple way to enhance your health and well-being. When you practice dinacharya, you will be aligned with cosmic rhythms and experience greater bliss or “ananda.” Simple tools for your daily routine: Wake up before […]

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  • Sudarshana Mantra

    Sudarshana Mantra

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  • #2 – Stress Free Eating

    #2 – Stress Free Eating

    Tips for Stress-free Eating During the Holidays Food is an universal part of celebrations. So how do we incorporate more consciousness in our eating during this holiday season? Be conscious of why you are eating. Do not eat when you are stressed out, tired or to numb yourself from stressful situations with family or social […]

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  • #1 – An Introduction to Vedic Living

    #1 – An Introduction to Vedic Living

    Join me and Aparna Khanolkar as we discuss ways to live a vedic lifestyle from the perspective of  Ayurveda and the Vedic tradition of  Spirituality. Each episode will present insights into the foundations of healthy blissful living as found in the vedic literature. Aparna will present practical Ayurvedic suggestions that are easily and quickly implemented. […]

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  • #21 – The Meaning of the Planets

    #21 – The Meaning of the Planets

    In the last few podcasts, Penny and I have looked at the way the Jyotish birth chart represents the heavens at the time of birth, and how the planets are placed in the constellations (signs).  Then we explored the concept of planetary strength and weakness, how that is determined, and what that might mean in […]

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