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  • Da


    Written by my friend Frank Schmidt: The bṛhadaraṇyaka upaniṣad , prᾱjᾱpati brāhmaṇa offers the following wisdom: Upon asking prᾱjᾱpati, the devᾱ-s, manuṣyᾱ-s (humans) , asurᾱs ( gods, men and demons) said  ‘give us instuction’ . To the devᾱ He said one word,  da. He asked do you understand? The devᾱ-s said, yes, we understand. To the manuṣyᾱ (humans)  He said one word,  da. He asked do […]

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  • A perspective on death and dying

    A perspective on death and dying

    The following was sent to me and I thought it would be useful to post it here because it is so beautifully written.  I am not sure what the origin is, but all the credit belongs to Dr. Frawley. On Deathlessness Written by Dr. David Frawley The greatest fear that all living beings have is […]

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  • Very risk to swim!

    Very risk to swim!

    An impressive sign and the english is pretty funny until you read the boxes in the bottom left!

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  • At the beach (Mahabalipuram)

    At the beach (Mahabalipuram)

    The statue is (I think) Tiruvalluvar, a great tamil saint, who wrote a collection of aphorisms called the Tirukural.  I like how he is watching over the ocean and all who swim in it.

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  • Abandoned on the Shore

    Abandoned on the Shore

    It isn’t vedic….but the sentiment certainly is. “Clothes Abandoned on the Shore” Your body is here with us, but your heart is in the meadow. You travel with the hunters though you yourself are what they hunt. Like a reed flute, you are encased by your body, with a restless breathy sound inside. You are […]

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