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  • Dakshinamurti Sahasranam – 1008 names of Shiva as Guru

    Dakshinamurti Sahasranam – 1008 names of Shiva as Guru

    The image above is Dakshinamurti; Shiva as Guru.  It was taken during Abishekam, an ancient vedic ritual during which liquid offerings are made to the deity through ritual bathing.  These offerings are water, milk, yogurt, scented sandalwood (seen above), turmeric, and rose water. Sahasranam is a collection of 1008 names or mantras of a deity, […]

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  • Dakshinamurti Mantras

    Dakshinamurti Mantras

    This is the month of Guru Poornima and we honor in particular, the form of Shiva as the original Guru.  This form is called Dakshinamurti.  The first section of the audio file is called Guru Vandanam which recognizes that the guru is a manifestation of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma – in short divinity in what […]

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  • #11 – Agni and Good Health

    #11 – Agni and Good Health

    Agni is great topic and certainly at the core of Ayurveda because it is the digestive fire that transforms the food we eat into the energy that sustains our body, and therefore our consciousness.  We discuss the concept of Agni in detail as it relates to our bodies and experience of good health. Of course […]

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