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  • India Day 5 – Shiva Lingams

    India Day 5 – Shiva Lingams

    From the morning Rudra Abishekam:

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  • India Day 4 – Kailasanatha Temple

    India Day 4 – Kailasanatha Temple

    Our evening was spent enjoying the Kailasanatha Temple which dates back to between 700 and 800 CE and the Pallava Dynasty. The Shiva lingam is one of the five largest in Tamil Nadu and is dedicated to the achievement of moksha. The temple is constructed from sandstone which is now weathered, but you can easily […]

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  • India Day 4 – Ganesha Yagya

    India Day 4 – Ganesha Yagya

    Today’s focus was on Ganesha to remove obstacles. The yagya performance began with the offering of 1008 sweets for Ganesha and then continued with 11 repetitions of Rudram and Chamakam from Yajur Veda. The big baskets of modaka were offered into the yagya fire, but the small basket was kept aside and offered as a […]

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  • India Day 4 – Daily Yagya

    India Day 4 – Daily Yagya

    I couldn’t resist posting some more photos of the daily yagya. The early morning light made everything look especially nice.              

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  • India Day 4 – Preparation

    India Day 4 – Preparation

    Now, we are preparing for the Ganesha Yagya to begin – the first yagya of the Shivaratri series. This yagya is performed first so that any potential obstacles to its successful conclusion are eliminated. Above, you see what $1,500 of ghee looks like! Each tin is about 4 gallons. Traditionally, Ganesha likes sweet things, especially […]

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  • India Day 4 – Sankalpam

    India Day 4 – Sankalpam

    At the beginning of every yagya there is a lengthy section called “sankalpam”. This is usually called the Statement of Purpose. It is a bit like reading into the cosmic record a list of all the participants in the yagya. The sanskrit mantra essentially says that in this place, at this time, these people took […]

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  • India Day 3 – Surprise

    India Day 3 – Surprise

    Later that evening, I was asked to come into the yagya hall because some of the younger Pujanet priests wanted to see me. In my innocence I thought how nice…a cake! And they used little ghee lamps to spell out “60 Bharth day”. Love the Indian spelling. And then, just when I least expected it…

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  • India Day 3 – birthday part 2

    India Day 3 – birthday part 2

    We had twenty priests from some of the local temples come to perform a very enjoyable Shiva yagya. The priests brought prasadam from the temples; coconuts, fruit, and especially beautiful flower malas which they presented to me. It was grand in a way that only India can do, not to mention a lot of fun.

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  • India Day 3 – Shasti Purti (birthday), part one

    India Day 3 – Shasti Purti (birthday), part one

    Today is the in between day before the Shivaratri Yagya series starts.  We began with the Daily Yagya as usual and then moved onto to a special yagya for my 60th birthday, which is called Shasti Purti.  It represents the halfway point in the sequence of jyotish planetary periods called dasas.  The full sequence of […]

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  • India Day 2 – Evening

    India Day 2 – Evening

    Every day’s evening entertainment is to visit some of the wonderful and ancient temples in Kanchipuram.  The gopuram (towers) stand out beautifully against the evening sky.           These photos are from the Kamakshi temple; one of the main temples in Kanchipuram.  Kamakshi means she who gives pleasure (kama) at a glance […]

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