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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 8

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 8

    “We invoke the Sun God who incessantly works day and night and rises daily without showing any kind of lethargy.” ~ Rig Veda “The person desirous of success and strength should perform good karma continuously.” ~ Rig Veda The morning inspires scholars to work and also those who desire wealth. ~ Rig Veda Scriptures are […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 7

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 7

    “Truth prevails ultimately.” ~ Rig Veda “A combinations of righteous knowledge and righteous actions help us to earn wealth.” ~ Rig Veda Those who are intelligent tread on the path of truth and adhere to all the rules and vows strictly. They are the ones who become successful in this world and become famous. They […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 6

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 6

    “God always blesses all the scholars and great souls with wisdom.” ~ Rig Veda Offering the light of burning camphor as the opening pujas are concluded. Our pundits continue with the recitation. As you can see, the books are large and their qualification test when becoming a pundit was to be given 3 words from […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 5

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 5

    “In real worship, we do not only perform the rituals but we try to imbibe the qualities of the one we are worshipping.” ~ Rig Veda We are now half way through the Rig Veda program for this month and it has gone wonderfully well. Each day the pujas have been performed with care and […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 4

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 4

    “There was neither death nor immortality then. There was not distinction of day or night. That alone breathed windless by its own power. Other than that there was not anything else.” – Rig Veda Of course new flower malas for the kalasha pots. And for the Shiva Lingam as well. “It is the nature of […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 3

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 3

    Every day begins with fresh flower malas for each of the kalasha pots. As some of the preliminary Rig Veda texts are recited, the Daily Yagya begins with Rudra Abishekam. There is always an invocation of the deities, especially Ganesha to remove all obstacles to the successful completion of the yagya. The recitation is performed […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – Day 2

    Rig Veda Yagya – Day 2

    Each day begins with the Rudra Abishekam and Daily Yagya. In the process, all the kalasha pots have fresh flower malas. The mantras and flower offerings symbollically purify the water in the kalasha pots and the different deities are invoked and invited to reside there for the purpose of the pujas. There are traditional offerings […]

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  • Rig Veda Yagya – First Day

    Rig Veda Yagya – First Day

    Our May program in Kanchipuram is beginning and it will be an interesting 10 days. The Rig Veda is the oldest and longest of the Vedas and it contains many of the most important yagya rituals. So this program will be like having all the big yagyas performed all at once. This month is also […]

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