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  • Spring Navaratri – Day 2

    Spring Navaratri – Day 2

    Day two of the Navaratri program and all the ghee lamps are ready to go. In Pune, where the Navaratri program is being performed, the traditions are a little different from the south in Kanchipuram. You can see that the puja altar is quite elaborate. Saraswati, Durga, and Lakshmi Since it is springtime, there is […]

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  • Spring Navaratri – Day 1

    Spring Navaratri – Day 1

    The preparations are complete and the Navaratri program is about to start. Goddess pujas are always especially elaborate. All the items used in the pujas are purified with mantras and water, and then decorated with a flower. A Hanuman bell. Durga. Ganesha, who is invoked at the beginning of every ritual. The abishekam is purifying […]

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