#21 – The Meaning of the Planets



In the last few podcasts, Penny and I have looked at the way the Jyotish birth chart represents the heavens at the time of birth, and how the planets are placed in the constellations (signs).  Then we explored the concept of planetary strength and weakness, how that is determined, and what that might mean in terms of an individual’s life experience.

In this podcast Penny presents her insights into the intrinsic nature of each planet, what the planet represents, and how those determinations were made on the basis of both inner and outer observation by the ancient vedic rishis.

Penny practices and teaches Jyotisha full-time having been trained primarily under the expert tutelage of Hart deFouw.  She is also a teacher and tutor for the American College of Vedic Astrology. Her website is www.vedicchart.com and she can be reached via email at info@vedicchart.com or pennyaf@comcast.net.