#6 – Kapha Dosha



Kapha Dosha
Kapha brings the stability and solidity of earth and water to the body/mind. Kapha is responsible for immune function, strength and vitality, lubrication and structure.

Symptoms of Kapha imbalance:
Sluggish digestion, weight gain, respiratory illnesses, sinus problems
Mental fog, depression
Excessive sleep and inactivity

Diet for Kapha:
Favor light, pungent, warm and easy to digest foods such as salads, soups and leafy greens. Avoid sweets, meats and cheese
Good grains are moderate amounts of brown rice, barley, corn and millet
Good vegetables are bitter melon, leafy greens, cabbage and cauliflower
Small amounts of fruit such as pomogrenate, cherries, grapefruit

In general:
Avoid naps and heavy foods
Exercise regularly including brisk walking and several rounds of surya namaskar.
Be motivated and have a project to work on with a deadline that you are comfortable with.

Mantras for balancing Kapha dosha

Ganesha mantras are wonderful for balancing kapha.  You can use the simple mantra from out earlier podcast “OM Gum Ganapataye Namaha” or if you’d like something a little stronger, Ganesh Gayatri can be used.

“OM Tat purushaya vidmahae
Vakratundaya deemahee,
thanno dandi prachodayat”

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