A nice observation about Saturn


From an astrological standpoint, Saturn is the planet that people tend to have the most difficult time with.  I like to joke that of all the planets, Saturn certainly does play for keeps.  That aspect of life will take us right to the edge of what we think we can endure.

But it is useful to know that one of the names of Saturn is “Vishnu Bhakta” which means that he is a devotee of Vishnu.  In a way, the ultimate goal of Saturn is to have you lying flat on the floor completely surrendered to the divine because you have no where else to turn.  Only then is Saturn fully happy.  And, buy the way, this need not be taken literally, it can be any form of the divine.  The important part is the state of surrender as you will see in this excerpt from one puja.net yagya participant.

<<I have not been involved with these yagyas for long, but I think I have learned the lessons of Saturn over the recent year of so…loss of our home’s property value, loss of income, loss of outward progress…back to being more spiritual.  Without all of these losses, I probably would not be here involved with these wonderful yagyas…thank you Saturn!>