After six months of private yagyas

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A while ago I received a very nicely detailed examination of the effects of the yagyas from an individual who had participated in a private yagya every month for six months.  This is his summary of the results he experienced, slighted edited for the sake of brevity.

Living and housing situation:

THEN: I was living in a tiny room- more like a cell ! –in a NHS ( government health ) nurses home which was very restrictive for me and rather a bleak and cold place to live as it was in the grounds of a Victorian built hospital.

NOW: I live in a very pleasant East facing house in one the most affluent and pleasant areas of Brighton,sharing the space with owner who run’s Yoga classes for Mothers and Fathers to be.Overall atmosphere very pleasant and positive,gentle, with this fortunate Vashtu direction-there are only a very few streets, about 4 or 5 I think in this area which actually lie in this fortunate and precise North/south direction.It also came to me effortlessly through a lead from my daughter – word of mouth so to speak.It had been a desire of mine to live in a nice home in a good east Vashtu for some years and seemed that this desired got fulfilled effortlessly right towards the end of the 6 month series.

Mind and Spiritual practice:

THEN: I was suffering from clinically diagnosed depression,had been off sick from work for 2 months from the end of june and had been unable to make much spiritual practice due to feeling weak,tired all the time and too despondent to even think about much practice.I had lost a lot of confidence in myself and could not imagine a happy life for myself. I had no sense of belonging to any particular group and felt lost,alone and afraid much of the time.I also suffered from feeling ‘unreal’ or depersonalised in my conciousness.

NOW: Symptoms of depression virtually gone,without any medication,occasional symptoms for few days every 4-6 weeks which are now greatly dissipating.I have now got back into a stronger routine of much more spiritual practice as I had before this time and have developed that a little more with newer ways to build up my inner strength and personal power.I feel I have considerable protection and guidance now.I feel much more grounded and frequently notice clear fortunate synchronicities and nature support in daily life- most every day.


THEN: I was in a job that I really hated all round that I believed contributed greatly to making me feel bad and undermined in all that I did.

NOW :  In November, I transferred to a different job in the same service,after being invited to do so by the manager there.  I have a new manager and colleagues who seem very supportive and friendly.  I feel my old – and a new-confidence has come into my being.

I have also recently,especially since my recent Yagya’s were held in Varanasi,enjoyed unprecendented spontaneous good luck with incoming work, as an Actor, from people in the business who said ‘they just thought of me ‘ in relation to voiceover work, including: for a local radio station;  an animation in an American accent, for an American client ,which I was very proud of doing technically.

I have also recently just acted and directed in a series of short plays for the Brighton fringe festival in May – just completed with good individual reviews for me and my fellow actors.I have also been approached and paid to teach actors individually and in groups,being approached again from their side without any marketing materials or approaches from me.What was especially remarkable for me was the timing of these opportunities following Yagya to Saraswati- which was specific intention to promote this kind of creative work.In addition,there are also other possibilities in the pipeline  as a result of these successes.It is interesting to note that I do not have any website or publicity materials in place at the moment- and that all this work is based on ‘good faith’ in my ablilties by those who have met me and seen me perform, in some way, in the past.

Relationships with women:

THEN I was suffering from a lot of anger towards my wife, from whom I had become separated the year before, and had lost a lot of confidence with women in general.I had had no romantic contact with anyone for a long time.

NOW: I am enjoying a very positive and healthy relationship with an attractive woman who is also kind and fun to be with.This began to develop,again towards the end of the 6 month period.

I have also noticed the following reactions on the day of the Yagya performance : –

Sudarshana Chakra : exhausted and depressed on the day of performance,but feeling better the following day- but with good solutions and very good measurable progress being made in the area of mental health in following therapy sessions.My therapy proved to be measurably effective at reducing depressive symptoms in matter of few months at the time of this Yagya –which was done twice for me.

Chandi and Goddess Yagyas :  feelings of joy bubbling up and of a very light positive energy being experienced on the day- often I would spontaneously wake up at 4 am ( 9am India time ) on the day feel wide awake,happy and quite hungry !

Lakshmi:  woke up at 4am today again.  I recited her mantra and asked for help- I had also bought fresh flowers and sweet smelling candles at home on my shrine with new brass statue of Lakshmi  I had just bought the day before.Feeling of excitement.

Venus and Saraswati:  generally very good feeling of optimism and increasing personal power with very good nature support quickly following these Yagyas, especially in the field of the Arts,creativity,insight into theatrical problems and stories,great improvement in confidence and increase in energy levels.         ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I have tried to keep to facts as much as possible and I may have missed a few things,but I hope this is a good summary of my experiences so far which I hope may help all of your good work in this area.