Agastya, Rig Veda Rishi – Podcast #80

Agastya Rishi contributed many hymns to the Rig Veda, compiled both Lalitha Sahasranam (1008 names) and Lalitha Trishati (300 names), wrote the Saraswati Suktam, and created systems of martial arts (Agastya Tekkan), medicine (Agastya Siddha) and astrology (Agastya Nadi).

He was a man of great humor and genuineness whose activities are told in a number of wonderful stories.  Among other stories, he drank the oceans to help the gods, ate a demon, created the soul of his wife and their son, and carried his wife in a water pot when they traveled.  He also helped both Rama and Arjuna in their quests.

The podcast concludes with chanting of Aditya Hridayam which he wrote for Rama to give him strength to kill Ravana, and then Lalitha Trishati; the 300 names of Lalitha, the playful form of the goddess.