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  • #14 – Astrology and Astronomy

    #14 – Astrology and Astronomy

    Penny Farrow discusses the ways in which we can begin to understand how the cosmos communicates with us through the symbols represented by the planets, the stars, and their position in the sky.  She explains the relationship between Jyotish and Western Astrology with reference to the modern science of Astronomy. In our conversation we explore […]

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  • #13 – East vs West; why isn’t my Sun in Aries?

    #13 – East vs West; why isn’t my Sun in Aries?

    Penny Farrow presents the differences between eastern and western approaches to astrology.  Topics include the “ayanamsha” feature of Jyotish which takes into account the precession of the equinox, which comes from the wobble of the earth on its axis. We also discuss the differences between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs and how that results in […]

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  • #12 – The Limbs of Jyotish

    #12 – The Limbs of Jyotish

    In this episode Penny Farrow describes the different limbs of Jyotish and how each measures and gages karma.  Topics include the three skandas or major divisions; astronomy, mundane for nations, hora for individuals.  There are also six limbs of jyotish which further divide the knowledge of jyotish; observational astronomy (gola), calculations (ganita) , natal astrology […]

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  • #11 Karma, Part 2

    #11 Karma, Part 2

    Penny Farrow continues her examination of the concept of karma and explains how the concept of karma is beautifully integrated with the various limbs of Jyotisha.  She continues to show how Jyotisha maps karma and shows us our karmic patterns. Penny practices and teaches Jyotisha full-time having been trained primarily under the expert tutelage of […]

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  • #10 Divisional Charts

    #10 Divisional Charts

    We examine various Jyotish techniques used to analyse specific areas of life through the use of Divisional charts, or amshas. The birth chart (rasi) is used to see overall areas of life, but if you divide each sign into 9 parts, then you can derive another chart called the Navamsha to see marriage, or you […]

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  • #9 – Omens in Jyotish

    #9 – Omens in Jyotish

    Anne Beversdorf presents an overview of the role that nimita or omens play in Jyotish.  There is a long tradition of how events in the outside world can be related to factors in a chart that will indicate the outcome of a particular event or the answer to a specific question.

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  • #8 – Predictive Astrology

    #8 – Predictive Astrology

    Anne Beversdorf and I discuss predictive astrology and how Jyotish can be used to illuminate the various trends in life so we know what to expect.  But this is not an easy process and beginning astrologer can often come to erroneous and unnecessarily negative conclusions!  So we examine different methods of trend analysis like planetary […]

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  • #7 Karma and Karma Phala (the fruits of karma)

    #7 Karma and Karma Phala (the fruits of karma)

    This week Penny Farrow examines the concept of karma and karma phala (the fruit or results of action) and explains how they relate to free will.  Then she explains how these concepts are seen in our Jyotish birth chart.   Are we looking at predestination or fate, when we look at a jyotish chart and what […]

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  • #6 Predicting Relationships

    #6 Predicting Relationships

    Predicting relationships is one of the most demanding tasks that a Jyotishi undertakes on a regular basis.  After all, it is something that is central to most people’s life experience.  This conversation with Marc Boney focuses on understanding how marriage or significant relationshis are predicted, with a focus on the incredibly accurate techniques of Jaimi […]

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  • #5 The Divination Systems of India

    #5 The Divination Systems of India

    Indian culture has nourished the integration of the subjective and objective means of knowledge.  It is therefore no surprise that there are multiple divination systems – ways of accessing the patterns in nature and applying them to the destiny of man.  All are organized around principles that are not easily accessible without cultivation of a […]

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