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  • After 3 months of Maha Sponsorship

    After 3 months of Maha Sponsorship

    This is a long overdue thank you for the wonderful yagyas which I enjoyed over the three month period of being a Maha sponsor. I would like you to extend my very sincere thanks to the priests for helping to manifest such wonderful streams of beneficent energy in my life. The first, Sudarshana, yagya seems to have been […]

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  • A nice observation about Saturn

    A nice observation about Saturn

    From an astrological standpoint, Saturn is the planet that people tend to have the most difficult time with.  I like to joke that of all the planets, Saturn certainly does play for keeps.  That aspect of life will take us right to the edge of what we think we can endure. But it is useful […]

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  • A dramatic experience…

    A dramatic experience…

    All yagyas dissolve karma and move us steadily towards enlightenment. We don’t even have to know (or agree on) what enlightenment is. Yagyas bring progress in a natural and fundamental way. Participants frequently experience a sense of movement, forward progress based on replacing impurities with purity, darkness with light, the restrictiveness of stress and “ignorance” […]

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  • Family yagya

    Family yagya

    “More feedback for you…out of the blue last week my sister, who has not spoken to me for 5 yrs, invited me to her daughter’s Nov. wedding…I accepted and asked her to meet with me as I’l be in B. week.  She agreed…there are many ‘currents’ permeating Life permanently…the yagya service which I requested for improving family relations […]

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  • Long term benefits…

    Long term benefits…

    This experience is very inspiring because it confirms for me that what matters most is sincerity and consistency.  This person has participated in the yagyas for the past few years on a relatively small scale.  She make very little money, but has worked hard to improve her life, all the while doing a yagya here […]

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  • Eclipse Yagyas

    Eclipse Yagyas

    I’ve received a few people describing their experiences during and after the July 21 solar eclipse yagya.  Here are a few excerpts: “I’m not sure what to say really, because the experience was rather subtle and very fill of light.  Usually eclipses are pretty dark for me and I have strange meditations and weird dreams. […]

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  • After six months of private yagyas

    After six months of private yagyas

    A while ago I received a very nicely detailed examination of the effects of the yagyas from an individual who had participated in a private yagya every month for six months.  This is his summary of the results he experienced, slighted edited for the sake of brevity. Living and housing situation: THEN: I was living […]

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  • The effects of daily yagyas on spiritual practices

    The effects of daily yagyas on spiritual practices

    “As a spiritual practitioner, I find that participating in the daily yajnas helps provide me with a bit of an added boost: I can’t really explain it, but it creates a certain level of energetic support on the subtle level that helps my sadhana go a little bit easier, with a little bit less effort. […]

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  • Wearing away at things

    Wearing away at things

    During a recent conversation with a long time yagya participant, we discussed her experience with the Foundation Yagyas.  These offer 1 day of yagya for each of Ganesha (to remove obstacles), Lakshmi (for abundance), and the Navagraha (for balance). She had been doing the series through several years of her Saturn dasa (planetary period) and […]

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  • A feeling of being blessed.

    A feeling of being blessed.

    <<   I came home early from work and did as you suggested… just took it easy and lightly focused on my hoped-for results from the puja. I was with that intermittently for the whole five hours. At the end, around 11:50 PM, I just sent out a lot of gratitude and felt a huge […]

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