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  • An interesting experience

    An interesting experience

    One of the effects of yagyas is to enliven the inner, more subtle levels of consciousness.  By doing this, yagyas become a valuable enhancement to any spiritual practice.  And sometimes the experiences are very interesting particularly during the time the yagyas are being performed.; << I had gone to bed with that first shallow falling […]

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  • Family benefits

    Family benefits

    <<   My mom forwarded me the note you wrote about the nighttime yagya for my son that took place last weekend. She asked me if I had noticed anything and I thought back and realized that we had an exceptionally nice weekend.  Very easy going, mellow, relaxing and nice — which is far from […]

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  • The upward curve…

    The upward curve…

    From a recent email; <<  I don’t think I can recall ever ‘feeling’ anything during past yagyas.  And my meditation practice has never been flashy.  But when I look at my life, it has been a constant upward curve in all aspects.  The ups, the downs; they all seem to deliver just what I need to progress in […]

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  • Spirituality


    “My experience with this yagya period has been amazing.  My sleep has been so deep every night and filled with intense dreaming all night long or appears to be all night long.  And every night the same thing. My meditations have been deeper and more active too.  Saw a very clear vision of a paragraph of […]

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  • A six month report

    A six month report

    “Ben: My feed back from my recent experiences of a series of Personal Yagyas performed at Varanasi which has been taking place for me in recent months focusing onVenus,Saraswati and Lakshmi is as follows : My experiences have been characterised by surges of physical,spiritual and sexual energy.I have also been delighted to experience the blossoming […]

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  • Subtle effects…

    Subtle effects…

    A lot of the time, the effects of the yagyas are simple, subtle, and just a nice positive feeling.  Given time, these effects deepen and frequently become a more profound sense of support and protection.  It is never so much that problems disappear completely, but we are sensitive to the solutions that are present, and […]

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  • Support of health during chemotherapy

    Support of health during chemotherapy

    <<Dear Ben, Often times my clients have good experiences and sometimes very good one…today I got a report of a very good one. Mrs. W for whom you arranged urgently went into hospital for her chemotherapy due to cancer – her past experiences were horrible – this time however she felt good all the time, […]

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  • Family effects

    Family effects

    In the vedic texts it is said that the effects of the yagya are felt throughout the family, and for seven generations in the past and seven generations in the future. Can we objectively know that these events were related to the yagyas?  No.  But they are consistent with the effects of yagyas being profoundly […]

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  • Spiritual effects of yagyas

    Spiritual effects of yagyas

    It doesn’t matter what sadana or spiritual path you follow.  The effect of the yagyas is to enliven the inner transcendent aspect of life within the context of your chosen path.  So it doesn’t matter what teacher or tradition you follow, the yagya program will accelerate your growth and support your continued success in your […]

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  • General support for change

    General support for change

    A lot of the time, the effects of the continued yagya program are felt within the context of our normal day to day life as just a sense of positive support and accelerated and continued change and growth.  In a way it is nothing fancy or splashy, but when you think about it, these kinds […]

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