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  • A disciple is like a new Moon…

    A disciple is like a new Moon…

    A disciple is like a new moon, in reality no different than the full moon: its apparent imperfection is a sign of gradual increase. Night by night the new moon gives a lesson in gradualness: with deliberation it says, “O hasty one, only step by step can one ascend to the roof.” A skillful cook […]

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  • Da


    Written by my friend Frank Schmidt: The bṛhadaraṇyaka upaniṣad , prᾱjᾱpati brāhmaṇa offers the following wisdom: Upon asking prᾱjᾱpati, the devᾱ-s, manuṣyᾱ-s (humans) , asurᾱs ( gods, men and demons) said  ‘give us instuction’ . To the devᾱ He said one word,  da. He asked do you understand? The devᾱ-s said, yes, we understand. To the manuṣyᾱ (humans)  He said one word,  da. He asked do […]

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  • A perspective on death and dying

    A perspective on death and dying

    The following was sent to me and I thought it would be useful to post it here because it is so beautifully written.  I am not sure what the origin is, but all the credit belongs to Dr. Frawley. On Deathlessness Written by Dr. David Frawley The greatest fear that all living beings have is […]

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  • Abandoned on the Shore

    Abandoned on the Shore

    It isn’t vedic….but the sentiment certainly is. “Clothes Abandoned on the Shore” Your body is here with us, but your heart is in the meadow. You travel with the hunters though you yourself are what they hunt. Like a reed flute, you are encased by your body, with a restless breathy sound inside. You are […]

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  • Typical home

    Typical home

    ​ In the area surrounding the temple construction site you find homes for the temple workers and for the farmers in the region. This is very typical. Note the thatched roof, a couple of black cows in the yard and the bullock drawn cart.

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  • New Temple

    New Temple

    This is just one of the drains that take water away from the inner sanctum where abishekam will be performed. The old man is the official caretaker and delights in giving tours. We always go see him, have a tour, and give him a few hundred rupees. A delightful guy. ​ These rings were carved […]

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  • A new temple

    A new temple

    This is the temple that is being built to honor the memory of Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, the 68th Shankaracharya in Kanchipuram from 1907 to 1994. He was much revered. This temple is being build entirely by hand in the old traditional way. A wonderful place to walk around and marvel at the preservation of the […]

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  • Shankara’s influence

    Shankara’s influence

    ​ At the time of Adi Shankara apparently people were worshiping all sort of gods and goddesses. Once of the changes that he made was to simplify things and members of that tradition worship only five forms of the divine on a daily basis. This is not to say that they ignore all the others, […]

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  • Durga Temple

    Durga Temple

    There are tons of temples in the Kanchipuram area and once is reminded that in India, everything is local. In LA there are relatively few temples but only attend once a week and it is no big deal to drive an hour or so to get there. But the tendency is India is to go […]

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  • Hay!


    Kanchipuram, aside from its rich history as center for temples and commerce center, is primarily an agricultural area. There are lots of wagons like this with modern wheels and rubber tires, but pulled by bullocks who seem to be tremendously strong. That’s a lot of hay. Although the bullocks frequently seem rather scrawny, they are […]

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