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  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

    Of course spending most of the year in Los Angeles, a swimming pool is no big deal. But there is exactly one pool in Kanchipuram. This sign is in every room in the hotel and the pool itself is rather small, indoors to keep it out of the sun (that’s what I was told). No […]

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  • Daily Rudra Abishekam

    Daily Rudra Abishekam

    It is an enjoyable part of every day, to listen to Rudram and Chamakam being chanted while milk and sandal paste are poured over the Shiva lingam. The priests alsways chant with a lot of volume so the yagya hall resonates with the sound of the mantras.

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  • The first day – Ganesha Yagya

    The first day – Ganesha Yagya

    This day is special for the performance of a Ganesha Yagya called Sankatahara Chaturthi which takes place on the 4th day after the Full Moon. It was great to be back in the yagya hall, listening to Ganesha mantras being chanted. Tomorrow is the inauguration of the new yagya facility so this is the last […]

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  • How to become wealthy….

    How to become wealthy….

    “Charity for God’s sake has a hundred signs within the heart—the good deed, a hundred tokens. Though in charity riches are consumed, a hundred lives come to the earth in return. A sowing of pure seeds in God’s earth, and then no income…impossible.” — Mathnawi IV:1757-1759 Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski “Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance” […]

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  • To Varuna, Lord of the waters

    To Varuna, Lord of the waters

    “O sovereign venerable Lord, man tells here many a lie, from that guilt, may you of thousand-fold strength, free us completely.  In that we have said O waters, O inviolable, O Varuna, from that sin, may you of thousand fold strength; free us comepletely.” — Atharva Veda

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  • unity of your hearts…

    unity of your hearts…

    “I hereby bring about unity of your hearts and unity of minds, free from malice.  May each one of you love the other as a cow loves its new-born calf.” –Atharva Veda

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  • invoked from eternity…

    invoked from eternity…

    “We invoke you as you have been constantly invoked from eternity and even now you are prayed for wealth and wisdom. May you respond to our invocation.” – Rig Veda

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  • Time has created heaven…

    Time has created heaven…

    “Time has created heaven; Time has created the earth as well.  In Time, indeed, is located all that has existed and that will ever exist stirred by Time.  Time has generated the earth; the sun burns in Time.  In time, indeed, are located all the beings; in Time the vision discerns.” — Atharva Veda

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  • Time, the seven reigned horse…

    Time, the seven reigned horse…

    “Time, the seven-reigned horse, thousand-eyed unaging and prolific, draws the Cosmic Chariot.  Sages with keen vision mount it; all the beings are in its wheels.   Time draws the seven wheels; seven are its servants; and immortality is the axle.  Making all beings manifest, Time, the destroyer, moves on.  He is the primal deity.” — Atharva […]

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  • What thief comes today…

    What thief comes today…

    “What thief comes today, a malicious mortal enemy, may the night, knowing his intent full well, strike off his shoulders as well as the head.  May she strike off his feet, so that he may not, strike off his arms, so that he may not hurt.  The marauder that comes, may he go away crushed […]

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