Dakshinamurti Sahasranam – 1008 names of Shiva as Guru


The image above is Dakshinamurti; Shiva as Guru.  It was taken during Abishekam, an ancient vedic ritual during which liquid offerings are made to the deity through ritual bathing.  These offerings are water, milk, yogurt, scented sandalwood (seen above), turmeric, and rose water.

Sahasranam is a collection of 1008 names or mantras of a deity, in this case, Dakshinamurti.  By listening to them, we effortlessly absorb a bit of those qualities into our awareness.  Over time, the effects can be quite transformative and empowering.

By repeated listening to these mantras during the month of Guru Poornima, you will enhance the effectiveness of the yagyas being performed.