Eczema – Ayurveda and Jyotish working together

A yagya client asked me about a skin condition called eczema; extreme dryness of the skin.  Of course, the question was whether or not yagyas could be an effective treatment.  The image above is the birth chart of this individual.

From the standpoint of astrology, eczema is listed as a function of Ketu, Mars, and the Sun. In this chart Ketu is in the 6th house of illnesses. Mars is in a sign owned by the Sun. The Sun is in a nakshatra (lunar constellation) owned by Mars. So, even if you are not fully familiar with Jyotish, you can see that there is a strong confluence of factors all of which seem to add up to this condition. There are other additional factors such as the dasa (planetary period) that contribute to the fact that this is active at this time in this person’s life.  This person is in the Rahu dasa which tends to increase the influence of both Rahu and Ketu.

Anytime that I can find an astrological correlate to a life situation, I feel that at least it makes sense. And since a Jyotish chart is just a map of the karmas that we are going to experience in this life, there is a reason why this is happening. Somehow, some way, this is a necessary part of the evolution of the soul towards something better. That might be a bit philosophical, but in the biggest picture there is some truth there.


After reading the above you might take note that the Sun and Mars are very hot planets.   You would expect to see that the treatments of eczema in the Ayurveda tradition would be related to providing some cooling to the body. Indeed this is the case. The first thing I found was that you should be doing an oil massage every day with a cooling type of oil like coconut.   This can be a full body massage or even just scalp massage before taking a shower in the morning or evening.   They recommend taking Neem as a supplement and also Guggul, a herbal blood purifier that really cools things down. Also increasing the amount of green vegetables in your diet is great, plus reducing things like shell fish and tofu which tend to heat things up.

Of course if you have an ayurvedic practitioner in your area they can (and should) guide you.


Unfortunately, this skin condition is not something that can get solved with just a few months of yagyas alone. Certainly the yagyas are be supportive and empowering, but they will be supportive and secondary to the things that you can do Ayurvedically.   Ayurveda will treat the surface and the yagyas will treat at the depths of the condition. Together they can be really really powerful. It takes time, consistency and patience though.

Specifically the Foundation Series will help with the Ketu problem through the Ganesha yagyas, and the day of Navagraha will take care of Mars and the Sun.  If possible, the Daily Yagyas would be a fantastic choice because they include daily Mrytunjaya mantra which is the best yagya for health issues.