India – Day 2

It is always a good thing when jet lag diminishes. Life is much more enjoyable and breakfast this morning looked especially delicious. The restaurant in the hotel has superior food. Today was dosa, a thin pancake served with coconut, tomato, and green chutneys to dip it in. I ate two. Plus the south indian coffee which is like a latte although stronger and you just drink maybe 4 oz.

Then off for the Daily Yagya. Of course it was as enjoyable as usual. Nice Rudra Abishekam….

Then up onto the roof for the fire yagya. I saw the wood sticks and mentioned that there seem to be a lot of them, which made the two priest laugh. “This is nothing,” they said, “we ordered 1,000 pieces of wood like this, plus 10,000 small sticks (about 4″) for the whole Navaratri Yagya!”

Then the yagya…

During a yagya the pujari peforms the yagya, while the other priests chant as Seetharam is doing here on the right. In addition, there is always one priest who sits to the side of the main priest and just observes. This individual is called the Brahma, and represents Brahma, the Creator who is the witness to all of creation. So today, I fulfilled the role of Brahma. Not bad…Creator for a day.