July Guru and Navagraha Yagya – Day 10 Navagraha last day

10 P1360737

The last day of the yagya series focused on the Navagraha (9 planets). Here our priest is reciting mantras to invoke the planets at the conclusion of the Ganesha puja.

17 P1360744

As always the introductory pujas conclude with the offering of light from burning camphor.

20 P1360747

The priests spend a lot of time standing and reciting all the various vedic and puranic mantras for the planets.

23 P1360750

At the conclusion of the mantra recitation, flowers are offered over the kalasa pots and the Navagraha mandala.

25 P1360752

Then the Rudra Abishekam begins with a cleansing bath in water.

28 P1360755

Followed by milk

34 P1360761

And then yogurt

37 P1360764

And perfumed sandalwood

43 P1360770

At the end of a puja there always seems to be a happy chaos with fruit, coconuts and other offerings under a layer of scattered flowers.

47 P1360774

And the final offering of light at the end of the Navagraha pujas.

50 P1360777

The fire ceremony (havan) continues with the recitation of vedic mantras for each of the nine planets while offerings of ghee and wood are made into the yagya fire.

68 P1360795

The havan continues for quite a long time.

92 P1360819

The final offering of ghee into the fire is made, and the whole 10 day yagya series comes to a successful conclusion.