July Guru and Navagraha Yagya – Day 4

018 P1360362

“Just as one lamp lights another lamp, the guru imparts the knowledge that everything is Brahman – the Brahman that is imperceptible, eternal, highest, without form, and without attributes.” Sri Guru Gita

004 P1360348

“Just as fragrance is natural in flowers, camphor, and other things and as cold and heat are natural in water and fire, so is the eternal Brahman naturally found in everything.” — Sri Guru Gita

035 P1360379

“Whereever he lives, that place becomes an abode of merit. O Goddess, I have described to you the characteristics of a liberated one.” — Sri Guru Gita

041 P1360385

“Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramayah, Sarve bhadrani pasyantu, ma kascid duhkha bhag bhavet”

May all be happy, may all be healthy, may all see only auspicious sights. May no one have a share in sorrow.

049 P1360393

“It has been sleeping within us for ages. Awaken the light of consciousness within.”

052 P1360396

“Dura karo duhkha saba, daya karo bhagavan, mana mandir me ujjvala ho, tera nirmala jnan”

Remove all my cares and sorrows. Be merciful, O Lord! May the temple of my mind be illumined by your pure knowledge.

061 P1360405

These are the essential tool for the performance of “havan”, the vedic fire ritual. There are brass bowls to hold the ghee, sticks of wood for the fire, dharba grass, and two special long spoons for offering ghee and other items into the fire.

063 P1360407

At the beginning of the fire ritual there are many introductory mantras that must be repeated by the pujari.

070 P1360414

Offering ghee into the yagya fire while mantras are repeated.

093 P1360437

The fire pit goes down about 4 feet below the surface of the floor, so you can see that the fire gets quite large.

115 P1360459

The final offerings into the yagya fire.