July Guru and Navagraha Yagya – Day 5

08 P1360552

“O elephant faced god, Ganesha, you are served by the assemblage of ghosts, and you eat sweet wood apples and blackberries. You are Uma’s son, the destroyer of sorrows. I bow to the lotus feet of the remover of obstacles” – Siva Mahimnah Stotra

07 P1360551

“The wise hold this view of you: You are the Sun, You are the Moon, You are fire, You are air, You are water, You are space, You are the earth, and You are the Self. We do not know that thing which You are not. – Siva Mahimnah Stotra

10 P1360554

“Even if the black mpuntain were ink, the ocean an inkpot, a branch of the wish-fulling tree a pen, the earth some paper, and if, using all these, Saraswati, the goddess of learning were to write for eternity, the limit of Your virtues would not be reached.” – Siva Mahimnah Stotra

13 P1360557

“OM purnamadah purnamidam, purnat purnamudacyate, purnasya purnamadaya, purnamevavasisyate”

OM. This is fullness. That is fullness. From fullness springs fullness. If fullness is taken from fullness, what remains is also fullness.

27 P1360571

As we reach the mid-point of the yagya program, the mantra recitations continue and in the yagya facility there is a deeping and yet lively silence in whichthe power of the mantras grows each day.

30 P1360574

Offering flowers at the conclusion of the first part of the day’s performance.

39 P1360583

Rudra abishekam and the offering of milk over the murtis and the Shiva lingam. Dakshinamurti is the form of Shiva as guru, so the recitation of Rudram has added importance this month.

51 P1360595

The Shiva lingam is decorated with a beautiful fresh flower mala, sandalwood and kumkum.