July Guru and Navagraha Yagya – Day 7

09 P1370231

The aarti flame always looks nice at the end of the Ganesha puja.

01 P1370223

In India, the supply of flowers is unlimited.

13 P1370235

Ganesha, lakshmi, and Subramanya (L to R) overlooking the kalashapots for this month’s yagya program.

23 P1370245

A nice shot of the incense burning during the puja.

48 P1370270

The whiteness of the curd offering almost looks like snow.

54 P1370276

Sandalwood and a fresh flower mala.

56 P1370278

After the Rudra Abishekam, the decorations look very elaborate today.

65 P1370287

One of our priests performing the final offering of light at the conclusion of the Rudra Abishekam.

35 P1370257

The yagya priests singing the Navagraha Mantras.

40 P1370262

One last offering of flowers.

70 P1370292

A closeup of the last offering of flowers. Very pretty.