July Guru and Navagraha Yagya – Day 8 Soma Yagya

003 P1370112

Ganesha with his offerings of bananas and coconuts.

004 P1370113

All the kalasha pots with their daily fresh malas.

005 P1370114

Kalasha pots with the Navagraha mandala in front.

007 P1370116

Some of the items used in the Soma Yagya. From the top left – a bowl of sandalwood mixed with water, dark red kumkum which is associated with Lakshmi. It is made by a special process that involves heating tumeric mixed with lime juice. The kumkum in Kanchipuram is famous throughout India for its deep red color and rich fragrance. Red rice – a mixture of rice and kumkum, then a bell, and a few coins.

009 P1370118

One of the senior Rig Veda priests from the Shankar Mutt in Kanchipuram. He is an expert in the Soma Yagya and we are quite fortunate to have his expertise.

010 P1370119

Our chief priest, Seetharama Sastry performing the Soma Yagya.

028 P1370137

The puja table.

032 P1370141

Some of the Rig Veda priests.

094 P1370203

The fire yagya portion of the Pavamana Soma yagya, performed specially on Guru Poornima.

107 P1370217

the final offering of ghee being made into the yagya fire.