July Guru and Navagraha Yagya – Day 9 Dakshinamurti Yagya

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The Puja.net community is made up of people around the world who follow many different teachers, or none at all, perferring the inner guru principle to be their guide. So if you are going to perform a yagya that honors this diversity of spiritual paths, then one would perform the yagya to the form of Shiva who represents the prototypical guru. This form is called Dakshinamurti.

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We are performing this yagya at a “patasala”, a school where young Brahmin boys are training to be Vedic pundits and priests. The facility contains a very nice Dakshinamurti temple.

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Of course, being a Shiva temple, there is a wonderful Nandi, Shiva’s bull who sits outside the temple, always looking in his direction.

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There is also a nice Navagraha temple where our priests did the final puja for our yagya series this month.

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Dakshinamurti is regarded as the “first guru”. He is shown seated in a relaxed pose with his left leg leg resting on the right. The right leg is shown resting on a demon, symbolic of the power of knowledge over ignorance. He is always smiling and seated under a banyan tree. In front, his right hand is shown in a mudra of blessing, and his left in a mudra of instruction. His other hands hold weapons; a trisul and goad.

16 P1360481

Sandalwood being offered.

21 P1360486

The milk offering.

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The Chief priest of the patasala at the conclusion of the final decoration wiht fresh flower malas, sandalwood and kumkum.

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The final aarti (offering of the light from burning camphor).

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Of course all the young priests participated.

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