Long term benefits…


This experience is very inspiring because it confirms for me that what matters most is sincerity and consistency.  This person has participated in the yagyas for the past few years on a relatively small scale.  She make very little money, but has worked hard to improve her life, all the while doing a yagya here and there.

My theory about yagyas is that as you repeat them, their power to remove obstacles increases with every performance.  But you also have to have an appropriate time and place for their effects to manifest.  Once that happens, the effects (removal of obstacles) can be quite dramatic.

As always, can one establish a definitive cause and effect?  No, but what happened to her is very consistent, although more dramatic, with what has happened to others.  So I feel comfortable saying that the events were connected to her yagyas.

“Well, on July 22, 2009 at about 9AM or 10AM I get a call (at work) from the school I started to take this certification (and never finished). They informed me that a small school 55 miles away from where I live was looking for an Art Teacher and that the school would be contacting me. Needless to say, they did 30 minutes later!! I was asked to show up for an interview the next day!!

I showed up 30 minutes early and the principal was very busy dealing with parents and students that morning. The principal having to juggle many upset parents and students quickly introduced himself and took me to a small office where he closed the door behind us and in 1 minute he said: “This is going to be the fasted interview in your life. I have seen your resume and paperwork, you are qualified can you stop by tomorrow to sign the contract?”

I was still standing when he blurted this out!! I think I was still shaking his hand!! All I ever said was “YES!” and “Thank you”.  I was in and out in 1 1/2 minutes!! I took the position not even knowing how much it paid!! Everything happened so fast!! I HAD NO INTERVIEW!! WHAT A FEELING!!

On my arrival home I went to their site to see the salary and I realized that it is less than what I am making now!!! UUGHH!! It’s the lowest paid District. Probably because it is such a small town not to mention the size of the school…but I really liked the employees while I sat there and waited for the interview. The school felt cozy and friendly. I felt that for my first year of teaching a small school would probably be best. I signed the contract the following day.

I realize that the drive is long and the gas alone is enough to put a bigger pinch on my budget but I figured that this one school year would be tough. After that I can transfer to something closer. I just need that one chance and this one really felt like it fell from the sky unto my lap.

Three weeks ago the newspaper where I work now, told us we all had to take a 5% pay cut and that maybe in about 2 years they could start giving 2% pay raises!! I have been there 4 years this July and have never been evaluated or given a pay raise but I have gotten many many many more responsibilities since my hire. So, I would have to invest another 4 years to be where I was 3 weeks ago!!

This new Art Teaching position promises a $500.00 pay raise every year!!”