A dramatic experience…


All yagyas dissolve karma and move us steadily towards enlightenment. We don’t even have to know (or agree on) what enlightenment is. Yagyas bring progress in a natural and fundamental way. Participants frequently experience a sense of movement, forward progress based on replacing impurities with purity, darkness with light, the restrictiveness of stress and “ignorance” with freedom and knowledge. While participating in yagyas is a very simple process, over time it is also very profound and the depth of the effects are not to be underestimated.

So what follows is one participant’s experience. It is not what usually happens. It is in fact, very unusual because most of the time the experience of yagyas is subtle, quiet, pleasant, but not earth shaking. I am posting this experience because it hints at what may be taking place beneath the surface of our awareness. There is no way of knowing for certain if these experiences are “real” or a dream. But they are consistent with what happens as a result of yagyas. The text has been slightly edited for length.

“”It seems for me that things started coming up right from the beginning when the yagya starts.  I have been having Throat Chakra issues for a while but not sure what the root cause is. The first day of this yagya as I was going to bed – I drifted into the state between waking and dreaming. Or maybe I was in a state of witnessing – I was a conscious observer separate from what was happening even though I could
feel things.

I was given a vision of what appeared to be different layers of my personality or maybe even past lives – not quite certain.

The first vision was a man standing beside me wearing a white shirt and white hat. It affected my Throat Chakra as well as I felt a huge block  there and I kept trying to express myself and could not get a word out. I was frozen. I remember struggling with all my will to get the words out, I wanted to say God is Love but could not utter a sound.

Then I was dropped down to a new person which felt like it could have been part of me in some way. The rest of the levels going in a downward direction were all women and after about six women figures down there was a very unpleasant personality showing herself to me. I remember thinking how mean she was and I did not want her to be a part of me.

I kept wanting to speak God is Love but could not utter a sound. Then I came into a full state of awareness and felt an overwhelming feeling and a gasp for air. I still have an energetic band around the top of my neck and trying to figure out how to get it to release. I feel like the vision is telling me something about why it is there.

Whew! “”