Rig Veda Yagya – Day 2


Each day begins with the Rudra Abishekam and Daily Yagya. In the process, all the kalasha pots have fresh flower malas.


The mantras and flower offerings symbollically purify the water in the kalasha pots and the different deities are invoked and invited to reside there for the purpose of the pujas.


There are traditional offerings of incense, fire, fruit and coconuts.


The burning of camphor is symbolic of the gradual dissolution of our “papas” – bad karmas, which are eliminated as a result of the yagya performance.


The yagya fire is started and the offerings are made while the Rig Veda verses are chanted.


There is certainly a timeless quality to the yagyas. They have been performed just like this for well over a thousand years.