Shiva Yagya – Day 2

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There are 11 kalasha pots arranged at the head of the yagya room. Each pot contains water and it topped with a coconut and a flower mala that is fresh each day of the yagya.

At the beginning of the yagyas each day, Varuna, the god of the waters is invoked to come and convert the water in the pots into Ganga water. Then the 11 Rudras (forms of Shiva) are invoked to be present in the water for the purpose of the yagya performance.

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Our Shiva lingam is elaborately decorated after the morning’s Rudra Abishekam. The lingam is a reminder that god can be found in any form; a rock, a human appearance or even formless. The stone lingam reminds us that Shiva’s presence is as immovable as a rock.

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The homa kund is cleaned and ready for the havan to begin.

Each day begins with Maha Nayasam – a process of invoking Shiva’s presence. The lengthy chanting takes over two hours to compelete before the yagya fire is brought to life.

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After a short break, the priests gather around the homa kund and recite Sri Rudram eleven times while making offerings of ghee into the yagya fire. This process takes about four hours.

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