Shiva Yagya – Day 3

India 033

The day begins, as it always does, with Ganesha puja to remove any obstacles from the day’s yagya performance. This is a Ganesha made from the root of a specific tree and is only about 3 inches tall.

India 040

We also have this Ganesha carving that is quite large. It is our front door! A beautiful work of hand carved wood eight feet tall.

India 041

We use two containers of ghee this sized every day; about 5 litres in total.

India 034

Copper bowls of ghee are full and ready to begin the fire ritual.

India 035

Rudram is chanted eleven times with offerings made throughout the recitation. The priests have big strong voices and sing quite loudly throughout – about four hours with only one break for juice.

India 036

We arranged for eleven priests but twelve showed up. It is not that often that priests get to perform this yagya for so many days, so they are eager to participate.

India 037

Each priest has their own style but the mantra recitations are all consistent. We try to maintain a mixture of younger and older priests. It is a good opportunity for all.

India 038

Chanting and offering, chanting and offering. It goes on for hours but is never boring. There is a liveliness to the yagya that is extremely peaceful and enjoyable.

India 039

Two of the younger priests.

India 045

Aditya performs the yagya today.

India 046

Aditya and Hari making the final offering of ghee at the end of the day.

India 047

The ghee is offered in a continuous stream while a mantra called Chammakam is recited. It asks Shiva for every imaginable blessing.

India 048

The ghee makes the fire flare up dramatically.

India 049