Shiva Yagya – Day 4

India 067

The Sun looked pretty this morning, but foretold a nice hot day ahead, these days in the upper 80’s.

India 070

Every day begins with Rudra Abishekam and here you see the priest pouring water over the Shiva lingam.

India 071

Other ingedients include sandalwood (seen here), rose water, milk, ghee, turmeric, yogurt, etc.

India 073

Sandalwood and flowers on the lingam.

India 002

After the abishekam, the lingam is decorated and placed on the stand with all the other kalasha pots which represent the 11 forms of Rudra.

India 005

After the abishekam, the first section of the yagya is called nyasam, and it invokes the presence of Shiva and his eleven forms. The priests chant over two hours from memory.

India 007

This is Sampath Giri – our Chief Priest who is well known for his yagya expertise.

India 003

Aditya, our #2 priest brough his son. The training starts early!

India 004

Having a little fun.

India 008

Getting ready to make an offering of ghee into the yagya fire.

India 006

Offering ghee while chanting the Rudram mantra from Yajur Veda.

India 009

The group making an offering of ghee.

India 013

The fire continues to burn throughout the yagya. Nice and warm!

India 014

Sampath and Aditya reciting the final mantras at the end of the day’s morning program (at 2 PM!)

India 018

Performing the final puja.