Shiva Yagya – Day 5, part 2

India 009

After the atmosphere is purified and the presence of Shiva is invoked through the “nyasam”, the fire ritual can begin.

India 010

Today the homa kund (fire pit) was nicely decorated with flower petals.

India 011

Towards the beginning of the ritual an offering of cooked rice is made.

India 012

A little ghee is added so it will burn well.

India 013

And it is offered into the fire. The god of fire – Agni, is like a messenger. He consumes the offerings and takes them to the subject of the yagya, in this case Shiva.

India 014

The yagya proceeds with offerings being made as Rudram is chanted.

India 003

Sampath, our chief priest making an offering.

India 004

Aditya, first assistant to Sampath.

The following are images from the fire ritual this morning.

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India 006

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