Shiva Yagya – Day 5

India 194

It is now Day 5 of the yagya series – midway. The atmosphere in the yagya room is getting very quiet and intense. The mantras are certainly having an effect that everyone feels.

India 193

On eof the ways the priest maintian their interest over the long period of the yagyas is by researching extra slokas to chant at the end of the program. What always amazes me is that in the midst of a 2 hour long mantra, the priests can also read a book, looking for a particular sloka, without missing a single word of the recitation.

India 195

During the first part of the morning vedic recitation.

India 196

Each daily puja ritual requires about a half bushel of fresh flower petals.

India 200

All of the kalasha pots have fresh malas every day, recently made from beautiful roses and occasionally fragrant jasmine.

India 204

The offering o fthe light from burning camphor at the end of the first round of pujas in the morning.

The folowing images are from today’s yagya performance. I like to try and capture the personality of each priest.

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