Shiva Yagya – Day 7

India 033

The morning recitations continue as usual. We have completed a week of this yagya and each day gets better. Only a few days to go…

India 030

Aditya’s son came to see the pujas and was amde a special assistant in charge of bell ringing during the puja.

India 031

Offering of camphor light at the end of the morning pujas.

India 032

A different angle.

India 038

Chanting, chanting, chanting…

India 037

The ingredients for Rudra Havan; wood, cow dung, and ghee.

India 036

The fire was extra large today…

India 039

and hot!

India 034

Cows came to visit and they received banana treats.

India 035

Of course they wanted more bananas and tried to come inside. They got their bananas but couldn’t come in!