Shiva Yagya – the neighborhood

India 050

Our yagya facility is located in the area of Kanchipuram near the Varadaraja Vishnu temple, the second largest in India. From the upper floor of the yagya house you can just make out the main gopuram (tower) at the entrance to the temple.

India 029

The houses are generally owned by priests from the temple. The colors are bright and vibrant, and quite a change from the Pacific Northwest where I live.

India 052

The yellow house.

India 030

A thatched roof provides shade and lasts for a surprisingly long time.

India 027

A lot of people have cows for milk. They sort of wander around during the day and return home at night.

India 051

This bull showed up just as we began the yagya this morning and sat quite contentedly listening to the mantras. When we finished the yagya, he got up and wandered off.